Radio Caroline Support Group

The radio ship Ross Revenge is anchored in the River Blackwater, Essex

Although we do carry limited advertising and some sponsored programmes, Radio Caroline's main running costs come from Support Group subscriptions and donations. Our listeners are very loyal and this has proven to be perhaps a more robust way of financing the station compared to the vagaries of the commercial market.

You can help by donating either a one-off payment, or by joining the Radio Caroline Support Group by taking out a regular subscription, by credit or debit card using Paypal. Paypal is a secure, simple and fast method of sending online payment worldwide.

If you sign up to a regular monthly subscription, you will receive the DVD, The Great Tilbury Escape, a fascinating documentary about how we moved the Ross Revenge out of Tilbury Docks and took her down the Thames and out to sea to her current mooring on the River Blackwater. We will also send you by email the latest edition of our RCSG Quarterly Newsletter, which you will then continue to receive every quarter, until such time as you cancel your subscription..

The minimum monthly subscription is just £7.50 per month, cancellable at any time.