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Publicity Leaflets

Your Station Needs You!


quote left My colleagues go to great trouble to create our programmes and understandably we want as many people as possible to hear them. It takes no more cost and effort to broadcast to 100,000 people as it does to broadcast to 1,000.

If I had spare income in the Caroline account, the station could be advertised in newspapers or on hoardings or on the side of buses. Since we don't have a budget for that, we need help from you. We don't expect you to stand on a soap box on your street corner, but just to hand our brochures to friends, family and workmates, showing them how they can listen.

Download our leaflet, print it out and be an ambassador for Caroline. Help us move the station forward.quote right

Many thanks, Peter Moore

Downloadable version

If you would prefer to download a pdf version of our leaflet to print on your home printer then click the link below.

You'll need A4 paper and be able to rotate and centre the job. If you print out of Adobe Acrobat Reader it will do this for you. Then you'll just have to print the reverse (the right way round!) and fold twice.

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