Caroline App for Android

Version 4.0.0

This version adds our 'Listen Again' feature – if you miss a show simply replay it later. Other features include the name of the current playing track and, for special broadcasts from our radio-ship, we can temporarily add a bespoke stream and programme schedule.

You can view our full programme schedule and set programme 'alarms'.

For listening, we offer a number of stream bitrates to suit most situations and a player with an 'Auto restart' system to assist in areas of poor signal. This is particularly handy when on the move. Find out what was happening on this day in past years on our 'This Day' page or browse our presenter's profiles if you wish.

Our app also helps to overcome the Android operating system's 'Doze' battery saving feature which can restrict internet access to apps after a while when the lock screen is on – even those playing or streaming audio.

Compatibility: Any version of Android 5.0+ (Lollipop or above). It will not run on any Android versions lower than 5, which are now obsolete. And it won't run on a device whose processor is based on the x86 instruction set.

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